McSpyder Ranch Story

McSpyder Ranch is the integration of Linda’s story, her passion, her philosophy, and the incredible lineage of horses she breeds. By partnering with skilled trainers, she brings a family of horses who can – and do – perform at award-winning levels.

Our Matriarch

Linda McMahon is the founder of McSpyder Ranch.

Linda was inspired by a lifestyle from a different era, watching the old western Bonanza on the TV screen from her Brooklyn, NY home. Perhaps this cowboy culture seemed almost mythical when seen from the outside, on TV or in the western artwork in a museum. Yet Linda discovered it truly exists. The values, work ethic, community, and tradition are alive. The authentic cowboy lifestyle is magical, but it’s not a myth. With this discovery, Linda stepped in with both feet to follow
her dream.

Since 2007, Linda has been immersed in the lifestyle of the american west. Her introduction to the reined cow horse world was the 2006 Snaffle Bit Futurity. She owned a 2-year old named Billy’s Cool Cat. Todd Bergen rode Billy in the futurity and finished in the top 10. It was her 1st show horse and her first event. That experience sparked the passion that led her to where she is today.

Linda’s vision is to be part of producing cow horses for select riders who deserve to work with the most talented, strongest and stunning horses in reined cow horse events. To make this happen, Linda partners with a seasoned staff of professional horse trainers who she views as family. Linda’s past professional leadership experience, fused with her deep appreciation for the people of the performance horse community, position her to be successful in breeding as a business endeavor.

Today McSpyder Ranch is a convergence of history, passion, leadership and joy. Linda honors the legacy of the western life she admired from back east and the reined cow horse lifestyle she is dedicated to today.

McSpyder Ranch

P.O. Box 1090
Bend, Oregon 97709

Linda McMahon – Owner / Operator
John von Hurst – Breeding & Sales Manager
Jeff Ramsey – Ranch & Farm Consultant