Our friends at Down the Fence™ said it best:

“Reined cow horse is a discipline of horsemanship that was born out of a practical need for partnership, but the bond between horse, human and the community is so strong, that defying the odds, it has not been broken by the force of the modern world.”

McSpyder Ranch breeds outstanding Quarter Horses &
Paint Horses to perform in the reined cow horse arena.

Our Story

This is an inspired story.
It is inspired from the past.
May it inspire you in the present.

Our vision is to see both Quarter Horses and Paints in the performance ring,
fulfilling the life, legacy and living history of these breeds.

Our Horses

There is an incredible amount of history associated with the Paint, but in modern times
they were bred primarily for color and conformation… whereas the Quarter Horse was
bred more towards performance. Linda’s breeding efforts are to combine the color of the Paint
with the performance of the Quarter Horse.

McSpyder Ranch breeds both Paints and Quarter Horses for performance.

More About Our Horses

McSpyder Ranch

P.O. Box 1090
Bend, Oregon 97709

Linda McMahon – Owner / Operator
John von Hurst – Breeding & Sales Manager
Jeff Ramsey – Ranch & Farm Consultant